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Best pants

I ref a lot of events. NXL last year my hk army pants ripped only haveing them for 3 months it’s been over a year and I love my pants from hydra they are great for all day refing and playing easy to wash all the wcppl paint out

Scott Tabor

Hydra putting out the heat🔥 Great quality but still super light and breathable. Would recommend .

Hydra Pit Micro
William Colley

Hydra Pit Micro

Hydra fit

Ordered kneepads, had second thoughts about sizing right after. Called and had huge help confirming that I had actually gotten the correct size. Got them in wore around at work, super comfy. Then used them for paintball, they didn't move out of place. Best kneepads I've used.

Raffle tickets

Thanks for putting up a raffle the amazing Freeflow cocker! Crossing fingers to hopefully win this amazing giveaway!!!!

Excellent pants

These pants are the best pants for larger guys, hands down. Great material nac well made

Raffle Tickets for FreeFlow Technology Fruity Pebble Champion Autococker

Ranger Up Jersey
Greigl love

Awesome but definitely go a size a up from normal with hydra jerseys!

You'll be super agg if you get this

Looks good with proflex

Just tap it in. Tap tap taaaap it in...

After getting the jersey and putting it on, I drove to a local batting cage and threw a random in front of the curveball. I got in my Duster and drove home to find my wife auctioning off our house. I grabbed my dad's clubs off the auctioneer and started walking. I stopped a few houses down and hit an absolute bomb of a drive into my annoying neighbors house. Plugged his stupid dog that keeps dropping logs on my yard. They seemed all mad and it started to get me down, so I grabbed the clubs and I got back in my Plym. And hit the driving range to let some stress out. That backfired. Saw some guy there named Dirty Stew who was hittin moon rockets. Tiger who? I went back to the Budget Inn took the jersey off and.

Hydra Pit bag
Taylor Wagoner
Always prem gear!

As always the hydra pit bag doesn't disappoint. Another flawless product!

Rocky Mountain High Jersey

Hydra Graphic Cap
Trevor Gaston
Graphic hat

Nice hat, but creased across the middle when I got it.


The joust was a great fun day of paintball with old friends and new friends. Paintball FIT is the field to play at. They never disappoint. Always catering to seasoned players all the way to first timers.

Comfortable but…

They slide down my knees almost every point. I went with my suggested size. Tons or reviews saying they down so maybe it’s just my luck.

Great quality, more comfortable than the HK pads I switched out from.

Top tier pads

The most comfortable pads I have ever worn. Quality is amazing. Could wear all day if I needed to.

Best Dri Fit on the market

This shirt makes me look like Captain America just without the agin powers!

Kobe Venomwear
Melissa Schaal

Love it

Hydra 5+8
Best pack in the game!

Pack provides a force field around you, paintball doesn’t tough you. This pack also makes you fly but I’m afraid heights so I use it to carry my pods. It’s like strapping a sleep number mattress to your back!

Kobe Venomwear
Y’all bringin the heat! :)

This Kobe vert is absolutely amazing! Y’all keep doing great things with Sandana! And for the Hydra Fam specifically, the quickest nicest customer service from Matti EVER. absolutely grateful. Thank you!

Hydra 5+8
Such comfort!!!

Bought this pack and love it. Virtue design with Hydra Fit logos is a perfect combination for one of the most comfortable packs I have ever owned! Get one while you can.


Fit amazing with pads and flex as you move perfectly

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Michael Crews

These are so amazing it almost doesn't even make sense. 11/10 easily.


Love the design on this one. Two different numbers front and back, its Mambastic!

Cream Cheese Venomwear
Adroit Beverly
Hydra/ Sandana

Fire color way, The hydra snake takes the cake!