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Feel amazing fit amazing no complaints
Best to size up

That special fire 🔥…

My mind is blown y’all have these in stock still with only 30 total available…and I gotta have probably the sexiest 1 of 30 already…! Show me some more fire like this and I may need another one!

Super Comfy

Best knee pads I've ever owned. Super lightweight, material is super soft, pads stay in place while moving and diving, and you have to get a set for yourself and try them out!

Best knee pads I've ever had.

I never write reviews, ever, but these are worth writing a review about. I was skeptical about whether or not these would be effective as a player who dives a lot and ALWAYS has knee pain after practice. Well, I wore these and played as hard as I usually do and was blown away by these things. Zero knee pain during or after practice. The added compression and supporting the joint is crucial for front players and I will never, ever, wear a different knee pad.

10/10. Still can't get over these things.

Great knee protection

The padding on these are the best.

Hydra hat

Missed on the first go round of hats. Saw the restock and jumped. Love this hat, super comfy and everyone else wants it ha

Best knee pads ever

Knee pads are well made, comfortable, and stay in place very well.

Hydra Pit bag
jacob quantavious
Great bag for our team

I got this bag for our team since we have to use gi feild paint thats super oily and it removes virtually all the oil off

Best sweats ever!!

Most comfortable and soft sweats ever!

Hydra Pit bag
Thomas Jones
Worth every penny

Works as stated. Great product. Even better pricing

Miami Vice
Anthony Pinto
Great Jersey

This jersey is light, well made, and best of all it definitely represents Miami!

Hydra Pit bag
Miranda Moore
Amazing product!

Love my new bags! Able to clean paint as well as mask and more!!

Light Weight yet Durable

Awesome joggers! I just played a 2 day event in Orlando, it was 93 degrees and I was totally comfortable in these joggers. It is surprising how light weight they are, yet the knees and shin are padded and reinforced. The zipper pockets were the deciding factor for me as nothing ever fell out of my pockets!

Hydra knee pads.

I love the product. I also appreciate the customer service. I ordered the wrong size and was shipped the correct size immediately. Thank you very much.

Hydra Pit bag
Joaquin Bruno
Ball sack

I put my broken balls in the ball sack rub them around and they come out like new I love my Ballsack it’s the best Ballsack of alltime

Hydra Pit bag
joe manns
Best invention ever

If you don’t have this, do you even play paintball?

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Timothy Jurries
Knee pads best investment

Love my Hydra knee pads, can’t wait to get a pair of joggers to complement them

Hydra Pit bag
John Montour
Happy happy

We as a team have been using the bags for three weeks. We always have oily paint and I’m super happy with this purchase. Five stars highly recommended.


Best knee pads out there hands down!


Awesome fit


Great quality

Embroidered Socks
Cale Hollis

Excellent product! The best customer service! Couldn’t be happier with your product and company!

So good I had to…

Hook my friends up with the best. Hydra is the best. Service, comfort, communication, quality. And I’ll do it again. Don’t @ me

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Linda Herriage

They are gifts so not sure yet

Great Knee Pads and Customer Service!!!

I LOVE THESE KNEE PADS! I play paintball for the college NCPA team, and I heard from a teammate that these knee pads were great. He wasn't wrong. I ordered a pair the second I got home. The only issue I had was with USPS holding the package in the facility in Texas, but I contacted Hydra, and they sorted it all out for me and threw in a barrel cover and a patch for my troubles! This is top-notch customer service and a great product. I took some challenging dives and slides this weekend and didn't feel any! They do run a tad bit small but that's a plus in my opinion because it stops them from sliding up and down my legs. All in all I love my Hydra knee pads!!!