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Best kneepads I have ever worn!

Been playing since the late 80's and tried almost every pad on the market. Used to run Renegades back in the day and since they havent been made in like 20 years I have been struggling to find a good pair of pads. Boy o' boy have I found them! These do not slip. I didnt believe it but they just stay in place. I have very beefy legs and pads always roll down on my quads. Not these pads! The padding is good, not to much and not to little. I have old man knees and these pads offer a great deal of support. They keep everything in place and give me the confidence I need to move aggresivly across the field. I really can't say enough about these pads.

Hydra Black Knee Pads

They are the best knee pads in paintball.

Best pads ever

Had the pleasure of meeting the owner at an event and bought these after he let me try them on and wow, such a huge difference in flexibility and comfort. They don’t ride up at all and you don’t even see them when under some pants.

Best pads you can get.

Best pads you can get.

Hydra knee pads

I bought these knee pads to use while paintballing, I've worn them several times and I love them. They keep compression around the knee for optimum play. They are unbelievably durable. I've even worn them to work when I had a lot of crawling to do and my knees felt fine after a long day of use. I would recommend 100%

Incredible quality, but not slip proof

I’m pretty weird about how gear fits. I do not like wearing padding directly on my skin and have always worn an under layer/rash guard to prevent this. Because there is no silicon in the knee pads, after a few slides I find myself needing to pull them back up. It’s not a fault of the product, just how it’s designed. I am not the biggest fan of all in one padding/rash guard systems either as I like my bottom layer to be as static and uniform as possible. If the next gen knee pads included a band or two of silicon around the top and bottom cuffs this would probably the perfect product for me. Alternatively, if Hydra offered a set of rash guard bottoms with silicon bands on the knees, I would be a buyer.

My situation and preferences are pretty specific, but regardless of that these are a high quality product.

Would recommend.

Great knee pads

These are some very comfortable knee pads. I've played with them twice and they don't seem to bunch like some of the other knee pads I've tried. I'm very happy with these and will recommend to my friends

Built well and super durable but beware if you have large calves

i am not the biggest guy, but i def have huge ham hocks for calves. 5'5 160 lbs, with the calves measurement reaching 16.5" so i bought the xl size as the chart recommends. they seemed super comfy but a little tight at first, i thought heck they are new so maybe they will wear in, they are longer than my old wrestling knee pads i use now for snowboarding and paintball and sit a little lower on my calves(if i hike them up higher the knee protection is very limited). At first it was alright but after a few hours i got huge excruciating cramps in my calves and had to end my early. as soon as took these knee pads off, i noticed the depressions in my skin from the lower elastic and were sittin tightly lower on my calves than im used to and as soon as i removed them i felt sweet relief from these death traps. maybe there is a break in period, or maybe the XL's are a tad too long for my short beef blocks, or i got a really tight pair of XLs.. but these just didn't work out for me. i do want to give these another go as they are three times the cost of any other knee pad i've ever purchased, but frankly im afraid i'll be injured again. i didnt get the opportunity to try them before i bought them cuz covid, but i highly suggest you do before potentially wasting 60 dollars and injuring yourself for a few days.

V1 to V2

I have been using the blue (V1) pads for a couple years. I just now switched to the black(V2) pads. I love them so much. The blue ones are now my workout ones and black are paintball.

Black knee pads

Only used them once I like thema lot best ones I've had

I’m a big dude, and these are perfect.

Hey everyone. I’ve always struggled to find a pair of quality knee pads that actually fit me. I’m 6fr 4in 290. I got these in 3XL and I literally mentioned to my team after first day use of them that I forgot I was wearing knee pads. Of top of being comfortable, they stay in place all day, and are very minimal to the feel. Didn’t feel them on me at all. After 13 years in the game these are the best I’ve had hands down!

Better than expected

I bought these knee pads for the upcoming paintball season. I live in upstate NY. So I can't play year round like some of you in warmer state's. I recently had an injury at work and my knees were bothering me quite regularly. That's until I started to wear these pads. The knee padding is a good thickness except you don't get any protection on the sides of your knees. Other than that the flexibility and support that these pads give you is unmatched. I've had many different brands of knee pads over the years and none of them can compare to these. I suggest when you order them. You go a size larger than you regularly wear. They may feel tight at first but that's the compression part of these pads come into effect. After several hour's in them. They begin to feel more comfortable. These are also one of the few pads that don't require velcro straps to stay in place. You get great pads and support for a great price. Buy a pair. You won't regret it.

Very satisfied

Comfort, fit, and never moved and inch! Add the amazing customer service I’ve received from this company and I’m very happy with my purchase.

Assassins DuraMesh Jersey

Great product! I highly recommend the Assassins DuraMesh Jersey and Hydra knee pads. To see these products in action check out #10la_pball

Best knee pads on marketplace

I purchased about 3 weeks ago for an event. They are best knee pads I have used in years. I personally play woods, turf, dirt, and grass fields. Very happy with my purchase

Best Kneepads

Light weight, durable, comfortable. Perfect kneepads for paintball

Exactly what I was looking for!

I'm not a young buck anymore, so I was looking for knee pads that gave me better support for my aching knees. The other knee pads I found fit too loose or didn't give enough support - what I found were cushions that would slide down and constantly need adjustment. Basically, what I wanted was a knee brace with a pad on it. The Hydra pads have substantial neoprene construction that fits tight, so it gives good support. Exactly what I wanted!

If I were to suggest any change or an option, it would be a cut-out for the patella. I don't know if it's possible with this design, but just a thought.

Breathable but does not stretch

I was hoping the jersey had a bit of stretch but no such luck. But for a practice jersey its great and breathable. It's great for hot days. Just wish it had a bit more stretch to it.

Designed for the player's mind.

This jersey is everything I could ask for, it's my weekly go-to jersey. A few things to note is the breathability. Because this jersey is mesh throughout the whole design, the breathability is unrivaled, I'm located in San Diego, California and this is perfect for sunny, warm days. For colder days, I susally bundle with a longsleeve or a hoodie underneath. The fit is true-to-size as well, and the fit around the neck/chest area and the wrist areas are snug, making it very comfy around the torso, but fitted around the exposed areas. Excellent design, high quality durable material, bravo to all at Hydra!

Needs more padding on the sides of the knee. Front of the knee is well protected but there’s not much to cover the sides. Also got really tight.I’m thrilled with how well the pads stayed in place, but I think that’s mostly due to how tight they fit. I measured my calf like instructed and ordered a large. It’s rather hard to pull the pads up into place because my thighs must be larger than the pad was made for. I guess I need to try an XL if I order again.

Great pads

Have used a number of knee pads including Exalt, and prefer these. They are more comfortable and provide great protection. Free shipping to Canada was an added bonus.

Like there not even there

Just got to play with these and I give them the higher praise I can give, I forgot I was even wearing them. They did there job so well. I've struggled to find a pair of knee pads that dont fall and provide good knee support and protection. Closest I found were volleyball knee pads that hurt anyway with too much play. The next solution were to get the infamous pants, and that worked well but the whole pants would slide down. And now these absolutely made those useless. I wear weight lifting sleaves regularly and wear a 2xl there, went with an XL and they fit well and dont cause blood circulation issues.


I love the knee pads and the jerseys but I was a little sad that I couldn’t get pants to match I tried contacting through email but I didn’t get a response

Knee pads

Wore them for the first time last weekend. So far so good!! Threw out my other knee pads

Best knee pads ever!

i must say i have used a lot of knee pads as a snake player and i got to a point where i would say all knee pads will fall down as you play but i can say that hydras knee pads is the real deal, they stay in place hold you knee warm all the time and have a good padding for any hard hits..