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Constantly readjusting

I based my sizing off the site's charts, and the knee pads are very tightly, almost uncomfortably so, and I feel like I adjust them every game, especially any game I slide into a bunker. Not terribly pleased with them so far.

Feels great!! Perfect for Hawaii weather!

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Tyler Bradshaw
Great product!

Your product saved my knees already and I’ve only used them 3 times.

Best Kneepads i ever had...

Runs a little bit

Careful when ordering, after carefully following the sizing instructions the knee pads are just a tad to small. I would recommend going a size down after you measure yourself. Outside of the size, I haven't had any issues yet

Worth Every Penny

Have played paintball in my Hydra Black knee pads twice now since they arrived and they have saved me from any next day aches or pains on and around my knees. Great product, very satisifed.

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Andy Starrett
Best knee pads around!

These are hands down the best knee pads I've ever used for play. They stay in place in the woods and on the speedball field. I'm a customer for life!

Size up

Make them in just one size bigger. I got a 4xl for my wife and there still just a bit small so in the future see if you can make just one size bigger. I know bigger players would appreciate it. She loves everything else about the pads

Hydra Black Knee Pads
michael Hannafin

Good shipping time
Great product.

Will buy again!

Hydra Classic Knee Pads
Mauricio Araujo
Paintball friend recommended them to Me

Ok I been looking for more then a year and using different ones from all different company’s on till one of my paintball friends told me to go with hydrafit, I will use her nick name Princess she said you will love them so I did. I have use them for a month and I have no complaints they are very comfortable easy to move around if I drop-hard I don’t feel the impact on my knees I can’t say enough they are just great thank you!

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Matthew Fenderson

Recently bought these to hopefully stop wearing compression braces under my knee pads and thankfully they did the trick. Best knee pad I have experienced yet!!

Ankle braces (1 pair)
Ben Mcclain
Fell apart

Tried them on, the carbon fiber colored part came unstuck to the rest of the brace and just flops around now.

Great knee pads

They stayed in place all day, and kept my knees feeling stronger.

They live up to the hype

Played with these for the first time this weekend and I could literally walk across the ground on my knees. Played at Hogback Mountain Paintball.

These knee pads made it to were I could work a 3' bunker from multiple angles while on my knees. I would move back and forth changing angles, and did not feel any discomfort for the 15 minutes I was there. The rest of the day was like this.

Was borderline XL/l and went with L and got perfect. Got to try them out this weekend while playing woodsball and forgot I was even wearing them. Never moved on me and didn’t punch the back of my knees like most pads do. Highly recommend.

Ankle braces (1 pair)
Mike Hunt
Fell apart after using once

The ankle braces are very poor quality.

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Chris Bracken
Best knee pads

I’ve been using them since I got them and love them easy to put on and take off no issue with them turning or slipping down 10 out of 10 recommend

Love it!

Pretty good. Take a few points to get used to but worth it. I have very sweaty legs so if I take a really hard slide they'll slip down a little. Over all very comfortable and durable.

Hydra Kai Duramesh jersey

Unfortunately, the cuts on the arms are to small. Arm pads don’t fit.

Hydra Classic Knee Pads
Jessica Cortez

Hydra Classic Knee Pads

Ankle braces (1 pair)
Donald Bolgiano
Great product, bad stickers

As an ankle brace this product is great. Supportive but not restrictive. My only issue is that the faux carbon fiber stickers both came off after the first use. Them coming off caused a blister, had to pull them off entirely to not have issues. Otherwise, I really like them and hope the rest of the product holds up.

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Grant Bancroft
The perfect kneepad

Slip right on without cutting off the circulation to my calves. Light weight. Thin, but in a good way. Durable.

Great knee pads

Took them out for paintball and they much better than my old empire knee pads. I played like 4 games before I realized that I never had to readjust them once. 1 suggestion is that the should make a pair that are longer because I am tall(6'9") and it would match my legs better. Other than that I found my forever knee pads.

Hydra Black Knee Pads

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Anthony Gladis
Hydra Black Knee Pads - 1 month

So far I have used my Hydra knee pads 2 times, once for a day of reffing the other for a day of playing. From the time I put them on to make sure they fit I could tell these were completely different from any other PB knee pad; most notably they stayed in place comfortably without limiting flexibility. My only concern was they have much thinner padding than other pads, would they work? Absolutely they did! They fit much better under the jogger style pant, they give at least as much impact protection, they are more comfortable/and flexible, and they didn't need to be adjusted in a warm and sweaty 3 hour session!
I couldn't be happier with them