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Good but could be better

I like these knee pads, except I find myself adjusting them after every point. I used the sizing guide and its accurate. They fit, yet except them to slip down a little bit

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Christopher Vaughn
Hydrafit black kneepads

Super comfortable, I barely notice I'm wearing them while I'm on the field.

Light and strong

Light and strong. easy slide material.

Snug and comfy!

I've work these knee pads for a few games now and they work great! I'm playing in rocky desert terrain and barely feel anything as I take a knee. No more fear of low cover!

Great support and protection but…

They do slowly slip down. I’m 5’9” about 210 ordered the XL pads based on the site recommended measurements and I find that after 5 or 6 points the knee pads tend to slip down. I still have my bunker kings pads in XL and they never slip. What your getting is great knee support when they do stay up. They are basically like those knee support sleeves with padding. I don’t have the problem with bunching behind the knees.
The protection is fantastic and low profile.

Awesome knee pads

I got my hydra knee pads in and they fit me very well. The size chart was accurate and I was glad to purchase the right size for me. They are comfortable and offer nice padding and fit well even for my jogger pants.

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Jonathan Giraldo

I Love them!!

HydraSkins Black Joggers - Hydra Mentality/ Empire

Best pants in the game

Hands down the best pants in the game. Bigger guy here and they do not sag at all! Definitely worth every penny

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Victor Velazquez
Great product

Fits amazing and love the extra knee support

Absolutely Great Kneepads, even better Customer Service!

I had some Empire neoprene kneepads from way back in the day. Recently got back into playing and second time out I ripped the neoprene on one of my pads. I had a hard time finding anything that was similar to my Empires, but I kept seeing people talking about Hydrafit Kneepads on r/paintball. Checked these out and they looked like they’d fit the bill.
Ordered two pair, Large and XL. Had an issue with USPS where they wouldn’t deliver my order. Emailed Hydrafit and JD reached back out to me shortly after. JD recognized and corrected the issue, and a replacement order was shipped immediately.
The first thing I noticed was the quality construction of the pads. The neoprene was a little thicker than my previous pads, but even the first time wearing them they were impressively comfortable. Compression is great, there’s not a lot of noticeable bunching behind the knee when I crouch or kneel down. The padding on the knee is just firm enough to absorb the shock of dropping down, but pliable enough to be barely noticeable during a full day’s play.
I kept the XLs and gave the Larges to a buddy who also has old knees. He loves his Hydrafit kneepads as well.
These kneepads are definitely worth every penny!

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Blaine Wilson

Hydra Black Knee Pads

Minnesota Wolves!!!!

Excellent product , fits snug, can take a lot of wear and tear… only downside is I could only find one of these , lol … Thanks Hydra , I’ll be back soon .

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The best knee pads

These are amazing. They don't slow me down and stay in place! I don't think about kneeling or sliding, it's like my knees are on a mattress, which is surprising because they're so thin. Great product!

Best knee pads out there! Played for 6 hours and didn’t even to adjust. You honestly forget they are there

Best PB joggers I've owned

These things are thick and durable yet so breathable you can see through the material. Love these and their knee pads

Fit and work great on the field!

HydraSkins Joggers - Hydra-Empire

Love them so much I bought a second pair

Got some for my son in the snake, now he wants me to play Snake 2 with him so I got myself a pair.

Best in the game

From trying on at the mao and noticing significant differences between brands knee pads! First and foremost almost indestructible two I used to need a knee brace now I don’t, three they feel amazing

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Andrew Dilillo
Extremely Satisfied!!

So, I purchased a pair of hydra black knee pads and only wear them in my basement gym. I am 35yrs old 6 ft. and 217lbs and wear a size XL. The fit, support and comfort they provide is top notch and unmatched. I noticed the stiching coming apart on one of them. I reached out to hydra and JD picked up almost immediately while out of town and took the time to listen to my Situation. After I was finished speaking he said he had already sent my information to the office for processing. We then chatted it up for a little about life like we were long time friends! Upon hanging up I received my confirmation email that my order was already out for delivery with a tracking! I highly recommend this company not only for the quality in product but for the quality in the people that run the company and for standing behind there product. Also to add I received my replacement knee pads 2 days later along with a return label so no charge to me! Thanks again hydra 🤙🏻

Hydra Black Knee Pads
Daniel Kimbril
Impact resistant

I’m 6 foot tall and I dropped straight to my knees onto a hardwood floor and barely felt it. These pads are truly impact resistant.
When sliding they stay in place.
Only one downside: if you are a player that is standing, squatting, kneeling in any combination consistently in one match you will find that the constant flexing of your quads will push the knee pad down. This effect causes the pad to bunch up behind the knee. Which in turn pinches the circulation.
The knee stays in place until those quads start flexing.
Please consider silicone at the top to help hold it in place and either a thinner fabric or a hole in the back of the knee area.

Awesome design and quality.

With Summer coming in, I wanted something to keep me cool and light. Found these jerseys through Instagram and decided to pick one up. Love the quality and fit just like the Hydrafit knee pads I picked up a while back as well. Definitely would buy another one.

Best knee pads money can buy!

I have owned every paintball knee pad ever produced. These pads don't end up at your ankles by the end of the 2nd point of a match and honestly you even forget they are on. I also dive and hit the ground like a beached whale sometimes and these things have held up to the test and then some. I have ripped my playing pants multiple times on turf and at 10 man fields run the woods/rocks etc and these things just keep going. Some of the best customer service in the game as well, so don't hesitate to contact them with any questions or issues. These by far are the best! Don't hesitate, just buy and enjoy!