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Hydra Fanny Pack
Kyle Kemper
Works great still look straight

Perfect for all the things you need at events but don’t want to dig around in your bag for. Player id, phone, wallet, keys all fit in this sweet little bag. Just remember It’s only a purse if you don’t podium

Black Sand Sandana

I saw these and instantly knew I wanted to snag one. Releasing at rhe event that I wouldn't be attended combined with a hectic work schedule I figured I'd might miss out. I didn't see them on the website at the time of release so I panicked and messaged them. Immediate response with the link to purchase!! Great service, prompt shipping, couldn't be happier.

Hydra Black 2.0 Kneepads
Robbie Butterfield
Newer and better

I used the Hydra Knee pads for a year, and long days, the backs would rub against my skin behind the knees. It would hurt to the point where I had to take them off.
With these new 2.0 knee pads, with the cut in the back, make them more comfortable, less rub and less stress on the back of the knees. Definitely a great knee protection option.

Fantastic bands. Placement and color is always top notch

Great knee pads!

Bought a pair at NXL AC. Used to use sliders. First time my knees haven't hurt from sliding/diving in a long time.

Best bang for your buck!

Only used these once so far and I completely forgot I was wearing them, they're that comfortable. Fits nice, the material doesn't rub raw, and they didn't move at all!

Hydra Black 2.0 Kneepads
Zach Chiavaroli
Wrong knee pads sent

I ordered the 2.0s but was sent the originals. Don’t get me wrong, the originals are great kneepads but it would have been nice to have the cut out in the back especially in the TX heat. Wasn’t able to return the wrong ones since I needed kneepads for an event and swapping them out would not have gotten in on time.

El Pollo Hermanos
Shaun Simpson
Wrong Product. Decent Customer Service

2 days to confirm that they didn't have the product listed on their site. Had to pick a different product or suffer waiting for a refund.

El Pollo Hermanos
Elijah Cruz

Love the designs, love how it fits, and it’s breathable for the most part! Definitely will be buying more

Stays in place and super comfy

My friend recommended them to me after the previous knee pads I wore continuously slipped down with the sliding, running, and crouching that was required. I’ve used them a handful of times and I have noticed that I don’t even think about the knee pads when playing! Very comfy and highly recommendation.

July 6th GLOW Mech X Ball Registration
Reid Allen
Best time of my life.

I’ve been playing competitively since 2005. This was the most fun I’ve had playing to date. We were running late due to icpl tournament, the owners went above and beyond to make sure we fit in with the late arrival. They made it an unforgettable experience and treated us very well. I could no recommend this enough. Without a doubt I will be back with more participants. Thanks for a great event and expensive.

Hydra Black 2.0 Kneepads

July 6th GLOW Mech X Ball Registration
Matthew Odom
Lifetime memories!

Nowhere else can you experience events like these! Staff was welcoming and accommodating and my wife and I had a blast!

Pants worked and felt great

Got pants and knee pads. Amazing

Paintball FIT CS3 - hardest gun you can buy

Best gun you can possibly buy right out of the box! I got a sick Nicky Cuba P.E collector card with my gun! Thanks COLT and everyone from paintball FIT for the SICK GAT!!

July 6th GLOW Mech X Ball Registration
Kathleen Payne
First timer

The website was super easy and clear to understand

July 6th GLOW Mech X Ball Registration
Andre Figueroa

Easy to register

Lucio Ponce
Hydra 5 de mayo

Great shirts for everyday wear love my jerseys.

Very Adequate


Really great pack holds a lot of pods, very comfortable at nxl lonestar I did not take it off once I put on for the entire day. Normally I take it off and on all day.


Always keep one in my pocket when playing. Good for wiping down something on the fly

HydraSkins Gray - best joggers in the game

Have you ever thought “I want some paintball joggers that look and feel like the joggers I wear to lounge around the house”? Well I did. I tried every brand out there. No luck. Until these. Hydraskins are soft enough to wear on the couch and watch netflix and have a slim fit look. I wont be buying a different jogger. Now Im just waiting for the black version to come back in stock!!!

Why So Serious
Alex Hultberg
Would recommend

Love the jersey

Ground Pounders

Really love these and certainly would buy another pair. If you want the joggers look def order a size down. They’re really durable and made comfortable. Looking really clean too!