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The Hydra CTRL2 load will be released for presale @ 12PM (CT) on Memorial Day- Monday 5.27.24! 


First 50 orders will get the Hydra CTRL 2 Loader, All 5 Extended Tops, and Limited Edition Loader Case! 

After the first 50 orders you will only receive the Hydra CTRL 2 Loader and choice of 2 Extended Tops, with Limited Edition Case at same price!

This is a PRE-ORDER item, and will NOT be shipped out until September! ***

HYDRA Edition CTRL2 Package Features:

  • Multiple size capacity options to FIT your play style (OG, +20, +40, +60, +80)
  • HYDRA Gear Thumbwheel (Funnel-to-feed)
  • HYDRA Loader Case (Fully branded and padded)
  • Speedfeed & Rain Lid (Adapt to your conditions)
  • Fast reliable jam-proof feeding
  • Improved feeding performance
  • Soft on brittle paint
  • Tool-less design
  • Easily cleanable tool-less raceway
  • Durable glass filled nylon construction
  • Simple no-programming operation
  • Lightweight, perfectly balanced design

Introducing the all-new BunkerKings CTRL 2 paintball loader. The original CTRL loader was built for performance and durability, but the CTRL 2 has upped its game. The loader is perfectly balanced with a loading system that is completely jam-free. The updated drivetrain system has been re-designed and the old drive cone has been replaced with a torque-increasing drive hub which offers better off-the-break performance. In addition, the CTRL 2 gives you faster out-of-the-gate shooting and will reload full pods easier than ever with the roomier inter-loader design. 

Here are all of the major changes that have been incorporated into the CTRL 2 Loaders.  First, the Compact Drive Hub feeding system increases torque on the balls in the feed tube which gives you a consistent shot flow. The new drive hub has also been designed to be quieter than the previous CTRL loaders. The new Pulse-Free Three-Eye feeding logic makes this loader start feeding as soon as there is any movement in the paint stack. The new design of the bottom shell is thicker and more durable so you won't have any problems with the feedneck breaking or cracks from getting shot up close. The retention system has all been re-designed and the top shell lock is stronger than the previous model. In addition to the retention lock, the tray lock has also been beefed up. The CTRL 2 now has a standard 220 round capacity whereas the standard CTRL loaders would come stock with a 200-round capacity. 

In addition to all of the above features, the BunkerKings CTRL 2 loader includes the NTR Speed Feed and Dual Spring Ramps which help give you maximum loader capacity while keeping all of the balls flowing to the drive hub. The loader also comes with a standard rain lid, spare speed feed finger and reverse threaded drive screw. The CTRL 2 comes standard with a soft-finger drive hub with the ability to upgrade to the pro drive hub set. The Pro Drive Hub set included two additional drive hubs with ultrasoft and ultrafirm fingers. The CTRL 2 is also cross compatible with the original CTRL topshell and NTR Speed Feed as well as the Virtue N-Charge rechargeable battery pack. 

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